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Leading the Inclusive City

In a new, international book Robin Hambleton examines the role of civic leadership in fostering the creation of inclusive cities.  The analysis presented in Leading the Inclusive City suggests that place-based leadership can make an important difference to the quality of life in a city, notwithstanding the pressures of global forces.  Innovation Story 2 in the book, which draws on the Bristol Civic Leadership Project research, provides insights on the impact of the mayoral model of governance in Bristol.  More information:


Devo Manc and the Osbornification of public policy

Far from being a positive example of decentralisation, Robin Hambleton argues that George Osborne’s proposals for ‘devo Manc’ are the latest example of ‘centralisation on steroids’.
You can read the argument in full on the LSE British Politics and Policy blog.

Deteriorating governance in Liverpool?

Councillor Richard Kemp has recently blogged on his concerns that the governance of Liverpool has deteriorated since the move to an Elected Mayor. The post is entitled: Is Liverpool becoming a banana republic?

His post reinforces the importance of thinking about the Mayoral model not simply in terms of role of the Elected Mayor but in terms of the whole complex of institutions in which the Mayor is embedded, and with which the Mayor has to operate. Weak institutions – lacking strong checks and balances – open the way for Mayors to operate in an unaccountable and non-transparent manner.