Our publications

This page provides details of publications associated with the project.

Policy briefing (2 pages)

This short policy briefing from 2014 presents views from different sectors on the introduction of a directly elected mayor in Bristol: PolicyBristol briefing

Policy report (4 pages)

This short report presents some findings on the impacts of mayoral leadership on leadership, representation, and decision-making: PolicyBristol report on mayoral governance

Policy report (4 pages)

A short policy report, published by PolicyBristol in 2017, considers the some of the issues surrounding the introduction of metro-mayoral governance: PolicyBristol report on metro-mayors

The impacts report (65 pages)

The report from our impacts study is the fullest policy report from the Bristol Civic Leadership Project, published in 2015: The impacts of mayoral governance in Bristol

The prospects report (57 pages)

The report from our prospects study, published in 2013, entitled The Prospects for Mayoral Governance in Bristol, which presents interim findings on the introduction of mayoral governance, can be downloaded in pdf format here.


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