Election turnout in mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Bristol City Council has published the figures for the election turnout for the Bristol mayoral election, and for the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election. The breakdown for turnout by ward (for the mayoral election), and by local authority area (for the PCC election) are available here.

The overall turnout for the mayoral election in Bristol was 27.92%. This is about 4% higher than the turnout in the referendum in May on whether to have a mayor. Across Bristol, there is considerable variation in participation in the election, with 7 wards with a turnout of below 15% (St George East, Southmead, Bishopsworth, Filwood, Hartcliffe, Hengrove, and Whitchurch Park). The lowest turnout recorded was in Hartcliffe, at 11.21%. Conversely, there are eight wards with a turnout of over 30% (Henleaze, Stoke Bishop, Westbury on Trym, Southville, Ashley, Bishopston, Clifton, and Redland). The highest turnout was recorded in Henleaze, at 42.62%. These ward figures do not include votes cast by post, which accounted for 29.64% of the overall turnout.

For the Police and Crime Commissioner election in Avon and Somerset, the overall turnout was 19.59%. Bristol recorded the highest turnout of any of the local authority areas, at 27.48% (marginally lower than in the mayoral election). Sedgemoor District Council recorded the lowest turnout, at 14.35%. Votes cast by post in this election counted for 32.84% of turnout.

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