New blog post published

With the debate on devolution and metro-mayors in mind, David Sweeting discusses some of the initial findings from the Bristol Civic Leadership Project on the School for Policy Studies blog.

Devo Manc and the Osbornification of public policy

Far from being a positive example of decentralisation, Robin Hambleton argues that George Osborne’s proposals for ‘devo Manc’ are the latest example of ‘centralisation on steroids’.
You can read the argument in full on the LSE British Politics and Policy blog.

Policy Briefing published from Bristol Civic Leadership Project

Significant insights that are emerging from the Bristol Civic Leadership Project are contained in a short ‘Policy Briefing’, published via Policy Bristol.

The Briefing, written by David Sweeting (University of Bristol) and Robin Hambleton (University of the West of England, Bristol), shows a dramatic increase in the public visibility of civic leadership in the city. This increase in visibility, however, is not accompanied by similar increases in public perceptions of trust in the council, nor views about representation in decision-making in the city.

You can download the briefing here: BCLP Policy Briefing October 2014

Academic article published

The work that the Bristol Civic Leadership Project team has been undertaking is contributing to academic debates on city leadership. An article by Robin Hambleton and David Sweeting has appeared in the journal Public Money & Management, in a themed issue on directly elected mayors alongside contributions on Germany, Australia and New Zealand, and other English cities. The article, called ‘Innovation in urban political leadership. Reflections on the introduction of a directly-elected mayor in Bristol, UK’, draws on data gathered before the introduction of the mayoral system in the city.

The issue is available via academic subscription on this link.

Hambleton, R. and Sweeting D. (2014) ‘Innovation in urban political leadership. Reflections on the introduction of a directly-elected mayor in Bristol, UK’, Public Money & ManagementVol. 34, Iss. 5, 315-322

Talking about mayors

This week David joined Alex for the first of his Policy Unpacked podcasts. The discussion focused on elected mayors. You can listen to the discussion here.

Outputs appearing elsewhere

We’ve appeared in various places around the blogosphere over recent months talking about mayors, local government and local democracy.

Here’s a round up of some of our activity.  Continue reading

Back online

This site has been rather inactive since the publication of our Prospects report back in March. The members of the research team has nonetheless being thinking and writing about issues related to mayors and local government in a number of different forums and formats. Team members have also appeared in the media at various times.

We’ll start posting news of these various outputs here again.

First we’ll do a round up of recent outputs.